We will get God’s Grace if we do Annadhanam. Offering Annadhanam is an asset for our generation, If you wish to do annadhanam give on your Wedding Day, BirthDay and your Children essentials to the needy please contact sree peedam. Such a revered Annadhanam is done every day at the sreepeedam. On Special days like Pournami and Navarathri , Annadhanam is provided for over 120 people we would like to thank the Donors for their continuous support for the annadhanam Service and expect them to extend the same in future also.

Research is done on OLD TEMPLE HISTORY and a detailed book is released on the same.The Sthalapurana of Temple and Guru’s Figures are depicted through drawings and paintings.The History and the legends of age old temples are given pictorial representation and the photos are published during the Festivals.

Yantra prathisdha for New Temples. Conducts recitation competitions on Thirumurai and the winners are aptly rewarded.

Life problems are given solutions through divine psycho-symbology and counselling.

Giving Sivatheetchai and Spreading bakthi yoga. Free classes for yoga and Sculpturing.

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Students of 10th / 12 th std, who score high marks are encouraged with cash and appreciated with Certificates. Distributing stationary items for Sembakkam School students. Giving cloth and meals for old and orphans, Medical camp is arranged.

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