Sree Raja Mathangi is the Prime Minister of Sree Lalitha Tripurasundari In her Sukshuma roopam (astral body) She is the sugar –cane bow in the hands of Sree Matha. Sree Mathangi wears red saree and plays the veena. She blesses her devotees with higher knowledge, clear memory, accomplishment in fine arts. Her moola mantra has 98 letters. If one could attain siddhi by chanting the mantra, One can learn anything easily and quickly. Mathangi is also praised as shyamala. She destroyed the demon named vishangan. Being the prime minister, she egarly bestows her blessings on politicians if they take up her upasana.

In Sree Peedam, Sri Mathangi is the lagu form (miniature) to the right of Sree Lalitha. Mathangi Navarathri is celebrated during the months Jan-Feb i ..e Thai. Special abishekam, alankaram, homam is performed on all the nine nights [Old scriptures denote special homam for particular wishes.To get all prosperity –pooja using variety of jasmine flowers. To attain Political Superemacy – Pooja with vilva leaves and homam using vilva or lotus . Poetic and oratory efficiency –homam using hibiscus flowers. For abundant wealth –homam using Karungkuvalai.] Kavi Kalidasa’s Shyamala Thamdakam, Meenanakshi Pillai Tamizh, Sakala Kalavalli Maalai by Kumaraguruparar are excellent prayersspecifically to praise Raja Mathangi and get her blessings.

She happily blessess when adorned with green stone necklaces, archana using vilvam, Kadirpachai, Maru, Thavanam and music concertsespecially veena and flute. Neivedyam for Shyamala-Vellapputtu (jaggery), kadhamba sadam, Green variety rice. Abishekam-Honey & Furits Juice



She is the Military Commander of SriMaatha Lalitha Tripurasundarai. Hence she is called as Danda natha. Maha Varahi is one of the Saptha mathrukas or seven divine mothers.She emerged from the Angusam are the arrow of Devi Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari. She is a symbol of purity, peace and prosperity. She is the commander of the battalion of Sri Chakra Raja Nilaya Sri Math Tripurasundari. By performing Ashtami Pooja we are blessed with brave, success and wealth. By performing Panjami Pooja we are blessed with abundant wealth and victory in our endeavors. Night time is the auspicious time to perform Pooja for Varahi Ambal. After Sunset we pray Varahi Ambal daily. Varahi Poojas are done specially Panchami, Ashtami and Amavasai. Varahi Pooja time starts at 7.00 pm in the evening and finishes at midnight 12.00 amManjal (Tumeric) Abishekam Garland of yellow Flowers Alankaram & Archanai, Manjal Kappu, Recitation of varahi malai. This pooja is done to give victory in all our endeavors. Sree peedam Varahi devi has 4 hands. Abaya, Varada, plough and Pestle. She is generally Wear in yellow dress and yellow Flowers. Giri Chakra Ratham, 16th Pragaram in Sri Chakra. Varahi is also the Anugraha Sakthi of Sadasivar OBLATION: Sarkarai pongal, pepper Dosa, Honey and sweet potota and other roots. Jaggery, Lemon rice, Saffron flower & Cardamom, White pumpkin, Milk mixed with spices, Nei deepam in coconut.


The 97 th verse of ABIRAMI ANTHATHI describes as follows:

Aadhiththan, Ambuli, Anki Kuberan, Amarartham Kon,
Pothir Piraman Puraari, Muraari Podhiyamuni,
Kaadhip Porupadaik Kanthan, ganapathi, Kaaman Mudhal
Saathiththa Punniyar Ennilar Potruvar Thaiyalaiye.....

WEST - Brahmma, Visnhu and Ruthran
NORTH - Agni, Suriyan, Manmathan and Thirumoolar
SOUTH - Agathiyar, Kuberan, Chandran and Indran
CENTRE - Sivasakthi Iykya Sri chakram is the Main center

We will get all Victories if we worship the Asathiya Sri Chakra.we also will get all Good Wealth and Siva Gnanam. There is no where in tha world such a Asathya sri chakra kundam. If we worship Sri Chakra on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, Fullmoon day, Navarathri Sivarathri and New Moonday we will get material and spiritual benefits. It is equal to worshiping Three Moorthis , Panja Boothas, Nava Grahas, Thithi Devathas and devars. Asathiya Sri Chakra Kundam is Infront of Maha Tharuni Tiripura Sundari. Daily Nithya Kala Abishekam and puja is performed for the Asathiya Kundam


Sri Vidhya is the integrated form of worship of Ganapathyam, Kaumaram, Vaishnavam, Saivam and Saktham and Sri Chakram is that unique form where all these worship are integrated and exist in one. Sri Chakra Mahameru is the Darbar of Goddess LALITHA TRIPURASUNDARI where all gods and goddesses are worshiping, Her with clasped hands. It is believed that god who is one, wanted to create many forms of himself, So He first created Devi, the cosmic female force.Yantra worship for shree Ambal is very Special and Particular way of puja. There are yantras for other deities too but, shree yantra is the highest of all.

The central point or bindhu of the Sri Chakra respresents the cosmic union of Shiva and Sakthi. In sri chakra surrounding the 16 petal circle is an 8 petal circle. after that the 3 lines and at the outermost part of the sriyantra there are 3 lines called the Bhupura.Five Downward Pointing Triangles representing devi, intersect with Four Upward Pointing , Trianglesrepresenting siva, forming 43 Triangles inculding the Central Triangles. These Nine triangles also represent the nine stages of growth of the human child in the womb.

The worship of devi in sri chakra is regarded as the highest form of the Devi worship. Yantra worship for shree Ambal is very Special and Particular way of puja. Though there are yantras for other deities, shree yantra is the highest of all. Sathguru Sri Sheshatri Swamigal ordered to make Sri chakra maha Meru, Which is made from a single neem Tree coverd with silver installed in front of Taruni Maha Tripurasundari .Thirumular says in Thirumantra “Sri Chakra is the origin of all Sakthis ”. The mount meru, also called Mahameru, When viewed from the top is seen as the sri chakra and hence it is called Sri Chakra Mahameru. Shree Chakra along with the third dimension, height, is called Poorna Maha Meru. Sri Chakra Mahameru NAVAVARNA POOJA on Fullmoon day Showers all good things. There is no difference between sree Tripurasundari and sri chakra. If we pray with devotion and love, we get all subha mangalams. We will get arul.(blessings) If we pray with manthra, thanthra Method. The Following is one who get gain from every Avarana Sri Chakra pooja. The siva sakthi iykya is sree chakram, Sri chakra is the super most power of all the yandras and thandavas the gayathri mantra calls it is as “ YANTRA RAJA WITHMAHE’ the king of mantras.

Worship of each of the nine avarnas bestow us with specific blessings.
1st Avarma - Child birth
2nd Avarma - Sakala Dosha Nivarthi (remedy from mal effects)
3rd Avarma - Children’s studies betterment
4th Avarma - Marriage
5th Avarma - Gaining Ashta Ishwarayam (eight types of wealth)
6th Avarma - Better profession, better business
7th Avarma - Relief from Chronic dieases
8th Avarma - To get our right ambitions fulfilled
9th Avarma -To get Happy, contended and peaceful life

By worshiping Sri Ambal, we will get her choisest blessings and there by we will be victorious in all our endevours and hence lead a happy and contented life. Worshiping devi shall evade all evil forces or beings from us and protect us. Worshiping shree Yantra gives all that is best in life. This privilege we attain by good deeds, we have done in our many previous births. These yantras can be kept at home , workplace, shops etc after performing proper puja. Daily puja must be done to such yantras and Yearly Navavarna puja should be performed too. Sree Peedam provides such yantras for devout devotees.


Lalitha Tripurasundari means the one who plays, All creation, manifestation and dissolution is considered to be a Play of Devi. Tripura means the Three worlds and Sundari means Beauty, she is the transcendent beauty of the three Worlds

Lord shiva created 64 tantras to protect and safe guard, all living things.These Tantras then expanded as the agamas. Goddess Parasakthi requested Shiva to create a simple form of worship and based on her request the lord compressed the essence of all the 64 tantras into one simple form and imparted it to the goddess. This is known as SRI VIDHYA.

The 9 Avaranas of the sri yantra have various presiding devis, They are the devis parivar (retinue) of total 108.In the Sri Chakra pooja, of Sri Chakra Devi is known as LALITHA TRIPURA SUNDARI. The form of DEVI KAMAKSHI of Kancheepuram is the closest resemblance of the devi as described in the Scriptures.Sri Matha Lalaitha Tripurasundari showers her blessings standing Nine Feet tall. She is made from very rare Herbals & Organic materials, She is Standing on a Padmapeedam with four Hands, Two Hands carry the Angusam and Pasam and the other two hands carry Pushpabana (flower arrow) and Sugar cane bow.The sanctorum is guarded by Sri Maha Kali Devi and Sri Kala Bhairava, Shree Ambal is embeded with Saligramams and Bhanalingam such a Vigraha (Statue) is made after a 1000 years, Being a Sthapathi (sculpture),Guruji. Himself has done a lot of research in making such Herbal Vigrahas from old scriptures and finally made this ambal,he has also made Sri Bala and Tharuni Ambals. Herbal Ambal can be reached by 15 steps on both sides of the sanctum,

Steps denote the Thithi Nithya Devis

5.Vahini vasini, 6.Maha Vajreswari

During the Waxing of the Moon, One climbs on the Poorvapaksha steps and descend on the Amarpaksha Steps (Waning moon) and Vice versa, on chithra poornima and Aadi amavasiya the Thithi Nithiya Stairs are worshiped specially, a grand puja is performed for Sri Lalithambigai. Sthapathi he makes Herbal Ambal and poojas as a done by Ambigai upsagarSri Rajasekara ilampurana sivam.

Lalitha Sahasranamam elicities ambal as “Sree Chakra Raja Nilaya”, Shreemad Tripurasundari, If you cannot do a detailed worship, simply worship the sri yantra 108 times with the simple devi.“OM AIM HREEM SHREEM SRI LALITHA TRIPURASUNDARI PADUKAM POOJAYAMI NAMAHA

Sri Maha Taruni Tripurasundari:

The name Maha Tripurasundari has a very special mention in Sri Vidhya.Shree ambal spreads the radience in all the three, The Child Sri Bala Who Has power of knowedge and Matured As A Lady In Karpagraha,She never emerge from The Karpagraha, she always Showers Blessings From three world and makes them beautiful. Tripursundari Litleraly means, boundless unparalleted beauty in all the three worlds. The name, when approched theosophically gives many interpretations.The name denotes three gunas namelu Sathva( serene), Rajas (vigour), Thames (lazy or arrogance), This further denotes the three stages in human mind such as conscious, dream,and Sub-conscious. The philosophical meaning for the name Tripurasundari is vest & wide, So, let us commoners Stick to the Litteral meaning, that is Beauty, Thruth beauty, Abundant in benevolence, mercy, Generosity and that can be Listed as the best in the universe.haruni is standing postured in Copper Idol with Abaya, Vartha, Angusa, Pasam.

There is one among The sakthis of Sri Lalitha because of her Uniting 16 Soma Kalais, The Moon has 16 kalas, or phases. Out of these 15 are visible to us and the 16th is beyond our visibility.

The 16 kalas are:

In Sivanantha Posture At Sreepeedam Sri Chakra Rajasaba.Tharuni is Standing Postured In Copper Idol with Abaya,Varatha,Angusa Pasam, Tharuni is The main moorthi.who has Done Maha Abishegam and always Adorned In Silk and ornaments."Her Beauty is Never Compared to any Body" Says- Abirami Pattar. Rajamadhanki and Maha Varahi Devi who stand both sides of Maha Tiripura sundari Showers Blessings. Our silpa Agama Sthapathi and Ambikai Upasakar Rajasekara Elampurana Sivam who makes

Sri Bala Tiripurasundari Tharuni Maha Tripurasundari, Sri Madha Lalitha Tiripurasundari,Tiruvambala chakra, Mahameru(Making of Neem Wood) in Sreepeedam.


SRI BALA means young Divine girl. Bala’s worship is a stepping stone to SRI VIDHYA upasana. In Lalitha Sahasranamam “pandaputhra vadod yukta, Bala Vikrama Nandita” and “leela vinodhini” reconfirms the child status of the para brahma swarupini. The Three eyed Bala Devi has the moon crescent above her forehead and she has in her hands the book and beads, and the other two hands are in abhaya andvardha mudra.According to the text Sri Bala Devi is said to be the daughter of SREE LALITHA TRIPURA SUNDARI,At the age of nine, she becomes terribly angry after seeing the BandaSura and his thirty sons who were marching ahead for a war. Bala devi requested her mother “Sri Maatha LalithaTripurasundari” to allow her to fight against with Bandasura, permission for which was not granted by her mother because of her tender age. On her daughter’s insistance she not only gave her permission but also one of her shields and a number of her attributes. With this preparation she Proceeded on a karuneeraga chariot towards thebattle field and rooted out the whole asura family. The more you look at her as the sweet child, the more your heart abounds with joy. you become a child yourself and turn out to be childlike. She plays all actions with her Devotees happily. Sree Balambigai is an important kundalini sakthi. Her beautiful posture is in padmasana with surya, chandra crescent and the oranament of nethi sutti with a long decorated beautiful hair. It is the first sanctum sanctorum in Tamil Nadu, where Ambigai Sri Bala present in child posture with four hands. she came naturally without any force.

Bala’s Mantra is “AIM KLIM SOUH” and variations of this mantra are used in her daily ritual.

Other Dities: